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Greetings to all FS9 helicopter fans.

SBAI Team offers you a model of Mi-8T - one of the most popular helicopter in the helicopter history.
The model is made for traffic use basing on the most advanced LOD technologies.

1 LOD 4116
2 LOD 3636
3 LOD 3129
4 LOD 1033
5 LOD 539
6 LOD 71


When we started our project we set a task of not just making yet another model but a model with the
helicopter-like flight dynamics. To do this, we introduced animation into the model which in combination with
its own flight dynamics produced a visual effect of vertical take-off and landing.

Our Mi-8T can fly to any simulator airport following the compiled flightplan. The helicopter taxis to the lineup
position, takes off vertically, climbs to the set altitude and continues to destination. After approach it lands
vertically on the runway and taxis to a parking position of a radius of at least 17 metres. There the
engines are shut down and blanked and the body landing gears are chocked.

Our team has prepared a DEMO version to demonstrate the model's potentialities.
The pack includes one demo model with the most common livery as well as a test flight plan and AFCAD to evaluate
the capability of the model. The AFCAD is made by our team and located in Khanty-Mansiisk airport, Russia (USHH).
To get the fullest of it we recommend you to download the scenery by Yevgeniy Baturin aka Digital:



We also enclose a circuit flight plan for this airport. The helicopter takes off every 2 hours starting from 00:00 GMT.

Download Demo version:


Full version $ 6.99

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